The Indonesia Pavilion at the 2012 Floriade

On one of the first seriously sunny days this summer, the entire Indisch 3.0 crew went to Venlo, to visit the Indonesia Pavilion at the 2012 Floriade. In honor of the national indepence day in Indonesia, we have edited our footage and created an impression of the typically Indonesian pavilion. 

Indonesia Pavilion at Floriade. Foto:
Indonesia Pavilion at Floriade. Foto:

The Indonesia pavilion receives 6.000 visitors each day, and 10.000 people on weekend days, pavilion director Redha Maha tells us. Indonesia wanted to present itself at this horticultaral event, mainly to attract tourists to Indonesia, interest investors and connect with others countries, European and otherwise.

The pavilion represents Indonesia, with its diverse cultures and religions, united as one. The crew is entirely Indonesia, to create an authentic Indonesian atmosphere. When the Floriade is over, the organization might donate the Sulawesi house to Venlo and dismantle the other houses, to sell it to interested parties. Mr Maha is certain that they won’t ship it back to Indonesia the same way it came here: in 11 containers.

Near the entrance, we notice a sawah, with padi. “Yes, we tried to grow rice here, what do you think? It hasn’t reach 30 centimeters yet, has it?” He smiles. “Yes, the climate is too different.”

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